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I think I was always interested in photography, but for a long time I have only used a compact camera and haven’t thought about taking my photography to the next level. 

About seven years ago however I came across some spectacular photos in a photographer's forum for instance from Kisee, Zeke and So_low. 
After seeing their photos I realised that the possibilities are endless so I’ve decided that I need to buy a new camera to self learn. 

At first I’ve bought a bridge camera which was perfect to learn the basics of photography and about five years ago I have finally bought my first DSLR camera. 
I currently use a Canon EOS 7d, with several accessories. 

I love different types of photography, I would find it very difficult to choose which my favourite area is, but my main interest at this moment of time is in motorsport events: like rally, rally cross, drift, Formula One, Le Mans Series and others.

István Molnár (Pitty)

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